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Asterix 16 in Switzerland (Hachette Books Ireland)

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Artikelnummer: 9780752866352

The latest action-packed adventure from our indomitable Gauls, Asterix and the Griffin, is out now! Quaestor Vexatius Sinustitis, who is about to expose the Roman governor's creative accountancy, has been poisoned. Can Getafix brew an antidote? Only if Asterix and Obelix find a certain flower for the druid's potion in Helvetia. What with bank safes, cuckoo hourglasses, yodelling and holes in the cheese, they're soon on a real Helvetian roll.

Person Rene Goscinny
Originaltitel Astérix chez les Hevétes
Genre Fremdsprachig
Einband Taschenbuch
Altersempfehlung von 8
Altersempfehlung bis 11
ISBN 978-0-7528-6635-2
Abmessungen (B/H/T) 284x218x7mm
Gewicht 234 g